Friday, May 22, 2009

oh yeah.

Staring~ Suzana and Amanda!

sorry for the bad camera man. its freddie. u know, i carly's freddie? no?? ok, we admit, we lied.

so, this is today, 22 May 2009(Friday), just now, after the soccer thingy. so, we decided to have some fun and do this nonsence. every week, i guess, we'll be puting new vids. but the first week's special cause its special. just deal with it. In this video, were talking about cars and spying..not really spying la.. just see see. The next week, i hope, the video man's gonna be MUCH MUCH btr. okay. and suzana n chanel will show you jonas brother's super-duper-cool-sneezing-thing-ish-handshake thing. geddit?

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